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August 31, 2015 Posted in Blog Posts

Drake Medox College instructors have taken their own fair share of exams over the years, and have a lot of experience marking quizzes and exams.  In this blog, they are happy to share their favourite study and test taking tips and strategies with you!


  • Study with a buddy. Not only is it more enjoyable, but you can support and help each other.
  • Select a comfortable and quiet place to study with good lighting and few distractions. Try to avoid studying in bed as it will be tempting to fall asleep.  A local library is ideal, a local Starbucks…not so much.
  • Put your cellphone away and refrain from social media, and loud music while studying.
  • Explain concepts to a friend or family member as practice.
  • Ask instructor for any available practice tests; if not, work with your peers to create some for each other.
  • Space out your study time. You’ll learn more by reviewing a little every day leading up to the test rather than waiting to cram at the last minute.
  • Try to get a good night’s rest and have a nutritious meal before your test.


  • Eat peppermint candies. They help with a nervous stomach as well as boost alertness and memory during tests.  Seriously!
  • RELAX.  Stress and anxiety are normal, but don’t let it take over.  Pause, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves as required.
  • Manage your time based on how long you are given, and how many questions you have. Scan the entire exam before you get started so you can plan ahead.
  • Take your time to read the questions carefully, don’t skim over them or you may miss important information.  Then carefully read the available answers to be sure you are selecting the best answer available as more than one answer may be accurate.
  • If you are not sure of the correct answer, leave the question and get back to it later so you do not waste time and miss the opportunity to get other answers correct.
  • The process of elimination can help you choose the correct answer in a multiple-choice question. Start by crossing off the answers that couldn’t be right. Then spend your time focusing on the possible correct choices before selecting your answer.
  • Only select ONE answer for any multiple-choice or true/false question.
  • Do not leave anything blank. If you are not sure, use your common sense.  You may be surprised by what you actually know, and how often what you may consider a guess is better than no answer at all.
  • Make note of what each answer is worth. If a question is worth 10 marks, you want to spend more time on this than one that is only worth 3 marks.
  • Neatness does count. If your response is correct, but illegible you will lose marks.
  • If you finish early spend any extra time checking over your answers to see if there is anything you missed, or can enhance in an attempt to get more marks.

Drake Medox College instructors and staff are always available to help you achieve your personal best on exams and throughout your program.  We have a number of free support services available to all our students, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out for help.  Vancouver Campus: 604 629-0196 and Surrey Campus: 604 495-4208.

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“We highly regard Community Support Work related schooling/credentials when making hiring decisions. The schooling indicates to us that applicants have some systematic training in the field and are passionate about quality care; this means they are likely to be high performers and stay longer because they fully understand what the job involves. Retention is a huge consideration, those that are likely to stay longer will always be highly sought after as it takes time to build working relationships and relationships with person served.”

Robin W.
HR Generalist

“Thank you Drake Medox College for assisting us in our hiring. We gained 5 staff from our posting and hope to gain more. Again our gratitude for producing high caliber members of the health care industry.”

Leo Monterola
Director of Care
Carlton Gardens Care Centre

“Please find attached the attendance and evaluations for all of the students who completed their practicum with us from February 8th – 15th. It was great to speak with their buddies because they all had such positive feedback, and really enjoyed working with the students. We really enjoy having the students here, and we look forward to working with you more in the future!”

Anja Meier
Human Resources Coordinator
Greater Vancouver Community Services Society

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I would highly recommend Drake Medox to anyone wishing to pursue a career within the healthcare industry. For those still not convinced, I would strongly advise you to research this for yourself, as I am very confident you too will find Drake Medox offers better value for money compared to others - even some of my colleagues think so having attended more expensive schools.