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The Top Ten Tips for College Students

College is a big change and a lot of work. Whether you are attending Drake Medox College for our community support worker program, health care assistant courses or you have come across this article, these are general tips that will help you adapt and integrate into the college culture. These are the top ten tips for college students.

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There is no such thing as “normal” when it comes to communication.
Speech disorders can affect an individual’s ability to speak, understand, read or write. Speech problems may present themselves at any age,and be a result of many different causes, including such things as a genetic problem, head injury and hearing loss.

Communication is just as important to someone with a speech disorder as it is to anyone else. Difficulty communicating can lead to isolation, loss of employment,and challenges completing even the most routine daily tasks such as shopping and banking.

There are a number of great movies which portray the veracity of the emotional effects of a speech problem on a person’s everyday life.They help to highlight the importance of emotional and social supports,effective communication methods, and how technology can assist in improving the person’s quality of life.

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Lara’s Story

Lara Alicia Casillas

Lara Alicia Casilla
CSW Honours Graduate 2015

I want everyone to know that I am proud to be a graduate of Drake Medox College because this school creates the right conditions for students to succeed. They provided me with useful knowledge and practical skills in the field of social services through their Community Support Worker Diploma.

Taking this program was one of the most advantageous decisions I have made because it allows me to find good jobs in a myriad of settings: schools, the private sector, government healthcare, and to work directly in the mental health and developmental disabilities field. The diploma provides students with the opportunity for growth that is not available otherwise, and the knowledge gained certainly gives one the “edge” to secure meaningful employment after graduation. However, this is just the start.

Once employed, this industry allows for ongoing opportunities for personal and professional development. There is a strong need for compassionate individuals who are able to overcome negative perceptions within themselves and society and have the disciplined attitude to work well with others and apply the critical thinking skills developed via the CSW Program.

You can expect excellence from Drake Medox College. It all starts with the amazing curriculum developed by Mrs. Vida. She crafted this curriculum in mental wellness/health and the issues of developmental disability, disability in general, the aging population, and overall mental illness and recovery in the five dimensions of health: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and mental. The curriculum is in keeping with Canadian and world-known health and government models. All this information and the skills learned help the student really understand their own personal power and how they can use their talents to support and instill independence and greatness in those they will serve.

Another brilliant mind is that of Registered Psychiatric Nurse, and program instructor Miss Tara. She meets the very challenging task of delivering the curriculum and using her own personal experiences to reinforce the most effective approaches to dealing with different clients and situations. She really helped me to understand the importance of keen observation skills and the ability to stay focused and unbiased. I very much enjoyed all the creative learning activities she used to help us better understand the content.

Preparing students for a humbling career working with individuals with developmental disability and/or mental illness is a very difficult task, however Ms. Tara always managed to challenge us and our way of thinking. She taught us to be aware of our own prejudices and impulses, and the importance of empathy. In closing, Drake Medox College is capable of satisfying even the most demanding student –like me. You learn to stop your own excuses, to stop wasting your life (time), and to stop deceiving yourself. One cannot be her own teacher and evaluator. People need a school like Drake Medox where one grows through understanding, effort, and organized team work. Not all schools are created equal, and DMC has its proven ways. They are professional, highly certified, and the staff is very friendly and supportive. Let this CSW program take you to the next level. No matter what you think, or how you feel, what counts is what you do and what you know, and Drake Medox will teach you well.

A career as a Community Support Worker is rewarding not only through financial gains, but more importantly through the satisfaction you will feel in making a meaningful difference in the lives others. Become a voice for those without one such as people with born or acquired mental disability. Know what is going on in advance, and how to interact in an ever changing world of opportunities. Call Angela or one of the other advisors at Drake Medox, and enjoy the ride into a world of eye-opening and heart-lifting knowledge. This is why I am proud to be a graduate of DMC.

Thanks to all the staff and instructors at Drake Medox College!

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A Good Listener is An ACTIVE LISTENER

Have you ever been in a situation when you felt no-one was listening to you?

Have you ever been in a situation when you realized you had not been listening to someone speaking to you?

Most of us can say “Yes” to each of these questions!

THE ‘KEY’ OR ‘SOLUTION’ to overcome these challenges is ACTIVE LISTENING.


“Active” is the opposite of “passive.”  To be a good listener we must keep our minds ACTIVELY ENGAGED in what we are hearing.

To do this, not only focus is needed, but also practical strategies which keep our mind active.


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One of Drake Medox College’s core beliefs is:

“Giving back to our community and those who support our business is important.”


Eleanor graduated as a Health Care Assistant from Drake Medox College in 2014.

Eleanor graduated as a Health Care Assistant from Drake Medox College in 2014.

Eleanor is one of the many students who was fortunate enough to receive a full tuition scholarship from Drake Medox in 2014.  She has since graduated and secured employment in the field; following is her story.

I found the training at Drake Medox College really helped to equip me with all the necessary knowledge & confidence I need to find work as a Health Care Assistant.

Choosing Drake Medox College was easy, especially after being awarded a full scholarship, which I was very blessed and grateful to have received.  I feel that my success in being hired as a Health Care Assistant was because I am a graduate of Drake Medox College.

Throughout the years my employer has hired several graduates from the school, and she has the greatest confidence in the quality of work we do.  In fact, just as I had finished my practicum experience I was hired straight away and now work at two facilities that I really enjoy.

I would definitely recommend Drake Medox College to my friends and family members who want to be a Health Care Assistant for 3 reasons:

  1. Training they provided was really good & they produce competent graduates.
  2. The cost of the tuition is much more affordable than other schools, which I believe is a very big factor; especially when you might be struggling financially.
  3. I found that the staff (both administration and instructors) were very accommodating & helpful.They do their best to help everyone finish the course without any hassles and lots of support.

Overall. I really enjoyed my time at Drake Medox College, and I always looked forward to going to every class. I am truly grateful for the training I received at Drake Medox College, and believe it is because of them that I have now successfully found work in the chosen field that I love.

Director Barbara Fry says:

 “we are proud of our active involvement in the communities we serve, and our support of those in need through our many fund raising efforts and scholarship offers.”

To learn more about the Healthcare programs offered by Drake Medox College in Vancouver and Surrey contact an advisor today at 604 629-0196.

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“We highly regard Community Support Work related schooling/credentials when making hiring decisions. The schooling indicates to us that applicants have some systematic training in the field and are passionate about quality care; this means they are likely to be high performers and stay longer because they fully understand what the job involves. Retention is a huge consideration, those that are likely to stay longer will always be highly sought after as it takes time to build working relationships and relationships with person served.”

Robin W.
HR Generalist

“Thank you Drake Medox College for assisting us in our hiring. We gained 5 staff from our posting and hope to gain more. Again our gratitude for producing high caliber members of the health care industry.”

Leo Monterola
Director of Care
Carlton Gardens Care Centre

“Please find attached the attendance and evaluations for all of the students who completed their practicum with us from February 8th – 15th. It was great to speak with their buddies because they all had such positive feedback, and really enjoyed working with the students. We really enjoy having the students here, and we look forward to working with you more in the future!”

Anja Meier
Human Resources Coordinator
Greater Vancouver Community Services Society