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HCA Instructors

Marilee Sinlao


Marilee obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in the Philippines, where she worked in a variety of different hospital units including surgical, maternity, and emergency. Since arriving to Canada, she first achieved her license as a LPN and then as a Registered Nurse.

As a Health Care Assistant Program instructor at Drake Medox College, she most enjoys teaching Mental Health Concepts, Therapeutic Communication Strategies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Clinical Practical Skills.

Working both as a nurse and an educator at the same time is a blessing for Marilee, and a great advantage for her students who are able to benefit from her current real world experience. She encourages anyone who is interested in becoming a Health Care professional to join her class to experience a fun learning environment and a great education!

Success Story

Since completing the Health Care Assistant training course at Drake Medox College, I have gained the necessary knowledge, training, skills and confidence to work effectively with the elderly, children and people with developmental disabilities. I believe this course has helped pave the way for greater job opportunities and I since successfully been hired both as a live-in Manager and as a Life Skill Worker. Thank you so much Drake Medox College.