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Making a difference as a foster caregiver

July 13, 2018 Posted in Blog Posts

“Right now there are more than 1,000 kids across B.C. who need temporary foster families when they can’t live at home.  Many of these children and teens come from hard places, however fostering can have a huge positive impact on their lives.” –BC Foster Parents

Drake Medox College’s Community Support Worker students recently attended an information session to learn more about Foster Parenting with MCFD (Ministry of Children and Family Development).

It was an opportunity for the students to consider opening their “hearts and homes” to individuals in need of support and care. The infants, children, and youth could be in the system for various reasons. They may be in “Volunteer Care Agreement”, removed from the family, or the family just needs extra support.

It was exciting to find that the 12 modules being taught in CSW program equip the students to provide this support/care in their own homes! For example, students learn about: ADHD, FASD, Developmental Diversabilities, Behaviour Challenges, Mental Health, Dual Diagnosis, Sexualized Behaviours, Aggressiveness, and Attachment Disorder.  All of these are mentioned in the “Prospective Foster Parent” application. The more the applicant understands these issues, the more likely they will be considered for fostering.

This information session was very rewarding because it highlighted that what students are learning in class is very much aligned with what is expected of them in the community. This information session opened up another avenue for students to consider once they complete the CSW program.

If anyone is interested in more information on becoming a Foster Parent they are encouraged to contact CSW program instructor Taranjeet at 604 629-0196, or to do some research on line through MCFD or BC Foster Parents websites.

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We highly regard Community Support Work related schooling/credentials when making hiring decisions. The schooling indicates to us that applicants have some systematic training in the field and are passionate about quality care; this means they are likely to be high performers and stay longer because they fully understand what the job involves. Retention is a huge consideration, those that are likely to stay longer will always be highly sought after as it takes time to build working relationships and relationships with person served.

Robin W.
HR Generalist

As you probably are aware by now, most of my recent hires are from your college, and I am very happy with the performance and work ethics of your graduates. They are very responsive, caring and have a solid knowledge by the time they enter the workforce.

Kudos to you and to your organization.

With much respect,

Leo Monterola
Director of Care
Retirement Concepts Guildford Seniors Village


Success Story

Drake Medox College has provided me with the learning experience that I need to start my career as a successful Activity Worker at a long-term senior facility. I have achieved my goal of changing my career from a Care Aide to an Activity Worker, as I was able to find a full-time job one month after I graduated from the Drake Medox College. I would highly recommend the Activity Assistant Diploma program to anyone who work in the health care industry.