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Success Stories

Delia Tanza

June 24, 2019 Posted in Success Stories

Program: Career English Prep Program & HCA

Every journey has a story. It may be good or bad. As we go on to our journey, many obstacles and trials will come through our way. It may be a painful experience but it will be worth it in the end.

For me, studying English is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done in my life. As a single mom, I find it very difficult because I am working multiple jobs to support the needs of my son. I don’t even have time to do my homework. I almost gave up. The excitement and joy I felt was slowly fading. It wasn’t easy for me.

But I told myself, you need to do it for the better future of your life. If others can, why can’t I? So I encouraged myself to do better and give my very best to finish this challenge. And after months of attending my classes, I’ve finally passed my English assessment and I consider that as one of my greatest achievement in my life. I made it!

What I’ve learned with this experience is that always believe in yourself that you can do everything. Always remember that there’s room for improvement and never doubt the capabilities you have. Don’t be afraid to fail, instead, consider it as a challenge and lesson because that failure will help you become a better person.


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“We highly regard Community Support Work related schooling/credentials when making hiring decisions. The schooling indicates to us that applicants have some systematic training in the field and are passionate about quality care; this means they are likely to be high performers and stay longer because they fully understand what the job involves. Retention is a huge consideration, those that are likely to stay longer will always be highly sought after as it takes time to build working relationships and relationships with person served.”

Robin W.
HR Generalist

“Thank you Drake Medox College for assisting us in our hiring. We gained 5 staff from our posting and hope to gain more. Again our gratitude for producing high caliber members of the health care industry.”

Leo Monterola
Director of Care
Carlton Gardens Care Centre

“Please find attached the attendance and evaluations for all of the students who completed their practicum with us from February 8th – 15th. It was great to speak with their buddies because they all had such positive feedback, and really enjoyed working with the students. We really enjoy having the students here, and we look forward to working with you more in the future!”

Anja Meier
Human Resources Coordinator
Greater Vancouver Community Services Society

Success Story

I had a fantastic experience at Drake Medox College, as I found the instructors very knowledgeable, the quality of the training rooms to be so realistic to actual facilities and the Drake staff incredibly helpful and friendly. I now feel more than capable of taking the right steps to achieve my goal in becoming a health care assistant and building a great career for myself...I would recommend them to all my family and friends. I now look forward to starting a new and exciting career. Thank you Drake Medox College!