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Drake Medox College Anna Marshall


Anna worked as Community Health Worker for 10 years before deciding to pursue a career in nursing. In 2015 she graduated with her BSN from Langara College.

Her goal in teaching is not only to help students achieve competence in their clinical skills, but also to help them understand how critical their communication and interpersonal skills will be in providing quality compassionate care to those they will serve.

As an educator, she believes it is important to adapt her teaching style to meet the unique needs of each of her students, as we all learn differently. She is supportive, but also expects her students to take a very active role in ensuring their own success.

Success Story

Program: ESL / HCADrake Medox College helped me to achieve my main goal – to become a Healthcare Assistant. They helped me also to become more confident in aspects of speaking and understanding. The ESL-HCA Program at Drake Medox College is the best study program I’ve been to. My Instructors were very supportive.My first impression of the ESL Program was “same old basic English again,” but I was wrong. I thought I didn’t need it because I can speak English. The ESL classes helped me to know how to pronounce properly, use proper grammar and even to create a formal paragraph. The important thing that the ESL Program did for me is to boost my confidence and to mold me into “a chocolate diamond” as Ate Myrine always says. The ESL-HCA Program is worth it and I enjoyed every class I attended.In several months I developed as an open-minded person, a knowledgeable student, a passionate Healthcare practitioner and a fluent user of the English language. As I move toward my new career, the ESL Program contributed a big part to my future work because I have learned how to be a good listener, a good reader and a good communicator.Indeed, I have become “ a diamond.” I am very thankful to Drake Medox College and my supportive Instructors for helping me along the way!

~ Jeanne Parilla ESL - HCA