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After Graduation

After Graduation


The number one question that people have when they graduate from a Training program is “how quickly will I be able to find a good job?”


When you go through a Drake Medox College program, you will take part in an in-depth “Job Seeking Skills” training module, which provides students with an opportunity to practice interviewing skills through role play and mock interviews. Each student prepares a completed résumé, learns key job-finding techniques, and receives a documentation checklist which is needed to facilitate their job application process. This experience will be very valuable in helping you to prepare to secure a good job.

Drake Medox has been in the business of employing and training healthcare workers for over 40 years, and during that time we have established many very strong relationships with individuals and organizations within the healthcare services community.  As a result, we are able to connect our graduates with regular job postings as soon as they are ready to begin their job search.

Drake Medox College’s program is so highly respected by healthcare service providers, that you will be well positioned to land the job you want! You will be able to find openings in home support agencies, intermediate and extended care facilities, special care units for persons with dementia, adult day centers, and private homes.  Healthcare employers are calling us and seeking our grads, click here to see the job postings.

Health Care Assistants/Resident Care/Community Health is currently the fastest growth market in BC, primarily because of our aging population. According to the Working in Canada Report employment prospects for this field are very good, and job demand will be in excess of job seekers from 2009 – 2018.

2025 Labour Market Outlook

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Success Story

I chose Drake Medox not only as the waiting period was shorter compared to other colleges but it was recommended to me by some of my friends. I am already huge advocate of Drake Medox College, not for the referral benefits but because of the good quality and hands-on teaching environment that I had experienced during my time as a student. I am now more confident in applying all that I've learnt to my current role and have Drake Medox to thank for that.