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  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for eight great months! Your outstanding teaching skills and guidance have helped me through my journey at Drake Medox College. I have never come across a teacher such as you; someone who shows so much compassion and genuine interest towards their students.

    Thank you for your constant enthusiasm, which helped us all stay focused and alert during all those late night classes. Because of you, we came excited to learn because you came excited to teach. School would have been challenging without your support in reviewing topics as many times as necessary to ensure the whole class understood. I truly feel blessed to have had such a kind and caring person as my guide through the Community Support Worker program. I am now eager to apply all that I have learned in my new career, and will always be inspired by your mentorship.


    ~ Joan Gamonnac - CSW Graduate

  • I graduated from Drake Medox College in 2012, and worked for 2 years as a Health Care Assistant. I am proud to tell you that since then I returned to school and I am now a LPN working with Elim Village Senior Care Society in this capacity. I would like to thank all the instructors and mentors at Drake Medox College for all their support and encouragement while I was taking my initial step towards becoming a Healthcare professional here. I was always certain that this was the field I wanted to be in, and my training at Drake Medox opened so many doors for me. As my personal journey continues, I am planning to return to school yet again to become a Registered Nurse as I have such a strong interest in medicine and passion for helping others. Thank you again everyone at Drake Medox for being part of my success story!



    ~ May Aung - HCA Graduate

  • As a graduate of both the Health Care Assistant and Activity Assistant programs at Drake Medox College, I am better able to compete for jobs, which has allowed me to secure employment in both roles! With the knowledge and training I acquired in these programs I believe I am much more effective and efficient, and have so much more to offer my employers and clients. Furthermore, it gives me the edge towards bigger and better opportunities as a dually certified healthcare professional.

    ~ Algene F - HCA/AA

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  • I want everyone to know that I am proud to be a graduate of Drake Medox College because this school creates the right conditions for students to succeed. They provide me with useful knowledge and practical skills in the field of social services through their Community Support Worker Diploma.They are professional, highly certified, and the staff is very friendly and supportive.

    ~ Lara Alicia Casillas - CSW

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  • Once I had completed my program, I got offered a full- time permanent position straight away at one of the biggest facilities in Vancouver. It is for this reason I would like to inspire others who may have some doubts to consider studying the Health Care Assistant Diploma Program or any other programs that are offered at Drake Medox College. More power to Drake Medox College, you are the builder of our hopes and dreams! Thank you so much for the wonderful experiences, the friendships made and the great opportunities that you have provided to me!

    ~ Raquel Alvera - HCA

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  • I definitely recommend Drake Medox College to all my friends and family because they will help you develop the skills and necessary knowledge to successfully build a career in health care. They also help teach you the importance of such a role as a healthcare assistant and how this will help benefit others in need. I have also found the staff there to be very flexible and supportive in helping out any students whom may be encountering any problems throughout the program. Thank you very much to my second home Drake Medox College as I really appreciate your kindness, understanding and support that you show towards your students!

    ~ Marygi Rapsing - HCA

  • ~ Graduates - HCA

  • With so much excitement, I am pleased to inform you that I was just hired as a community support worker right out of practicum. I started to realize the rationale for everything you did in the classroom. I am really proud that I came prepared to start my new job, and that is because of you and your passion for teaching.. My personal perspective on our society today has changed so much. I am now more empathetic and unprejudiced in all my dealings; especially with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For this, I am forever grateful that you were part of my learning.

    ~ Glenn D - CSW


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Drake Medox College has provided me with the learning experience that I need to start my career as a successful Activity Worker at a long-term senior facility. I have achieved my goal of changing my career from a Care Aide to an Activity Worker, as I was able to find a full-time job one month after I graduated from the Drake Medox College. I would highly recommend the Activity Assistant Diploma program to anyone who work in the health care industry.

~ Mingxi Yu - AA

Through my own personal experience I believe I am able to give to others the level of care, compassion and love that was bestowed upon me during my time of need. Drake Medox College has provided me with the greatest opportunity through their Community Support Worker program, with being able 'pay it forward ' and make a difference in this world. Life is about touching the lives of people around us no matter who they are or where they have come from.

~ Terry Sabo - CSW

Thanks to Drake Medox College and their Biggest Contest Ever promotion I was able to go with my family to Spain and France for 3 weeks! This was a great opportunity for us to visit our relatives and friends back home and do some traveling as well. I recommend Drake Medox College to others as not only do you learn so much from their teaching staff and training provided but also make new friends as well.

~ Zariel Fuenetabella - HCA

I chose Drake Medox not only as the waiting period was shorter compared to other colleges but it was recommended to me by some of my friends. I am already huge advocate of Drake Medox College, not for the referral benefits but because of the good quality and hands-on teaching environment that I had experienced during my time as a student. I am now more confident in applying all that I've learnt to my current role and have Drake Medox to thank for that.

~ Ronald Sureal - HCA

I would highly recommend Drake Medox to anyone wishing to pursue a career within the healthcare industry. For those still not convinced, I would strongly advise you to research this for yourself, as I am very confident you too will find Drake Medox offers better value for money compared to others - even some of my colleagues think so having attended more expensive schools.

~ Karen Ortega - HCA/AA

Since completing the Health Care Assistant training course at Drake Medox College, I have gained the necessary knowledge, training, skills and confidence to work effectively with the elderly, children and people with developmental disabilities. I believe this course has helped pave the way for greater job opportunities and I since successfully been hired both as a live-in Manager and as a Life Skill Worker. Thank you so much Drake Medox College.

~ Julieta Cabrera - HCA

I had a fantastic experience at Drake Medox College, as I found the instructors very knowledgeable, the quality of the training rooms to be so realistic to actual facilities and the Drake staff incredibly helpful and friendly. I now feel more than capable of taking the right steps to achieve my goal in becoming a health care assistant and building a great career for myself...I would recommend them to all my family and friends. I now look forward to starting a new and exciting career. Thank you Drake Medox College!

~ Rowena Olmillo - HCA

I credit my success in finding work straight after I had graduated to their positive training environment and the very supportive staff at Drake Medox. It is from my experience at Drake Medox that I would definitely recommend them to all my family and friends. Thank you Drake Medox College for making my dream of becoming a healthcare assistant come true! I am very happy with all that I've managed to acheive so far and feel I have a bright future ahead!

~ Glenn MacDonald - HCA