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Community Support Worker


Community Support Workers focus on empowering those who have developmental disabilities and/or dual diagnosis and promoting the development of their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. A key component of this job is to develop clients’ independence which will allow them to function appropriately in the community. Services include behaviour management, life skills training, crisis intervention, companionship, part taking in recreational activities, some personal care, and counseling.



Child and Youth Programs
Rehabilitation/Detoxification Centers
Non Profit Organizations
Community Living
Outreach Programs
Womens' Shelters
Self Employment



The Community Support Worker Program is delivered in two different formats:

Full time in class is 7.9 months total or 34 WEEKS
30 weeks classroom only or 20 hrs. /week
4 weeks Full Time Practicum


Full time Combined on-line is 6 months or 26 WEEKS **COMING SOON**
22 weeks classroom & on-line or 27 hrs. /week
4 weeks Full Time Practicum




  • Foundations of Technology
  • Business Communications & Reporting
  • Overview of Community Support Services Programs and Resources in BC
  • Role and Responsibilities of Community Support Workers
  • Professional Skills for CSW including MANDT Training
  • Introduction to Psychology and Life Skills Development
  • Life-Span Stages & Development
  • Developmental Disabilities and Dual Diagnosis
  • Fundamentals of Pharmacology & Medication Support
  • Supporting Independence of ADLs
  • Person Centered Care
  • Career Planning and Preparation
  • Practice Experience I and II

This program includes certification in Mandt, a comprehensive and integrated approach to preventing, deescalating, and if necessary intervening when the behavior of an individual poses a threat of harm to themselves and/or others.



1) Grade 12/GED or 19+ years of age
2) Successful completion of Drake Medox English Assessment & Entrance Interview
3) Signed consent for Criminal Record Review
4) Reference letter attesting to suitability to work with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities